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It is hard to pick my most cherished kitchen tools as there are many.  If there were a fire what would I want to grab?  My kitchen of course, because I love everything about it!   here are the items that I use all the time and they are work horses that give me excellent results.   If you click on the link and choose to purchase the item, Dash of Wisdom will get a tiny percentage of the sale which helps pay for all the ingredients that are used to create and rework all these recipes.   You do not pay more for the item, Amazon just nods a thank you to those that recommend their products.

1: Ninja Coffeemaker– when I saw this first I walked backwards in the store to get another look.  I had decided against the coffee pod coffee makers because I do not like the idea of throwing more plastic into the environment.   Not only does this give you 1 cup at a time, save you money, but there are a lot of options, and I love options!  Also, it makes the most amazing, amazing foam for a perfect cappuccino or latte.  I make a cappuccino every morning, it is my one splurge to start my day.  The foam is better than a coffeehouse foam.

2. Braun Immersion Blender   I used this immersion blender for all my  pureed soups. It it powerful!  It also comes with a little chopping bowl if you don’ t feel like chopping an onion, etc.  If you are short on space in your kitchen this would be a great tool for you since it takes little space and it has a variety of things it can do. It puree’s, blends, froths, and chops, wahlaaa!

3. Another Ninja workhorse is my Ninja blender-  I do a lot of protein smoothies in the morning, and so my Ninja blender gets a workout! I use Trader Joe’s organic pea protein vanilla flavor, organic greens powder, melted organic coconut oil, fresh chunk of ginger along with some chia seeds- yum! and it keeps me full for hours which I am pleased with!

4. Wood handle Zester    This one will give you long curly zests. see Potato Artichoke Recipe as an example.  There are two different types of lemon zesters that I use almost daily.  Trying to zest with a regular grater is soooo difficult! Just buy yourself this zester. This one is fabulous quality! I have used mine for years.  I have given it for gifts to my cook friends and family.  It is especially awesome when you are doing the long zests.  If you purchase a zester with a plastic handle, it will break in no time. I know years ago when I started zesting I had purchased plastic ones and usually the first time zesting they broke!  What a waste.   I have had mine since before the cafe days.  I can tell you we did a lot of zesting for the lemon cottage pancakes!  If you are an avid lemon lover like I am, I would suggest that you get both of these, see #5.

5.  If I need lots of short zest for cooking or baking, I like to use my Microplane Zester.  This is good for making big fluffy mounds of fresh parmesan or mounds of citrus zest.  Even though it has a plastic/rubber style handle it has been a mainstay.  I use it for the lemon zest inside my lemon cottage pancakes (long zest is for the candied zest I use to decorate my lemon pancakes).  I use it of course for parmesan or romano cheese grating and for grating nutmeg,  yummmm!

6.  Kitchenaid Mixer   How I love you my kitchenaid mixer!  It powerful, I can make brioche- if you have made brioche you know how you have to have an excellent mixer with a large motor otherwise it will start smoking and stop working.

7. I have two Shun knives, they are very sharp and they keep sharp for a very long time without sharpening. Ok, here’s the thing, I have not sharpened my shun chef’s knife yet and I have had it over four years. It is time to get it sharpened.   If I am driving to family or vacation, where I will be cooking in a guest house, I have taken these knives with me because they are just that good.

8. Besides the chef knife I have the Shun santoku knife, great for cutting tomatoes, bread..

9. My red Thermos travel tumbler keeps whatever you are drinking either pipping hot or cold for hours!  When I am on the road this is wonderful on a cold morning!

10: Flat Griddle! A flat griddle is a must for my lemon cottage pancakes or anything you want to do in a batch.  It is so much easier to use than a skillet on the stove.  My son Evan uses his for turkey bacon in the mornings for the family.

11. Cast iron skillets, I have some well seasoned ones and now they make them already seasoned!  Why do I love them so much? There is no unhealthy non-stick coating that may leach off into my cooking and it takes very little oil.  Food cooks up quickly and I can put it in the oven to finish off baking something like skillet cornbread.

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