Save As….

I work with a company that is going through many changes as to how we document.
On some forms, I can type away for 20 minutes and get a call and go back and as I hit ‘enter’ the form will have logged me out, so all my changes are gone!! I have learned to repeatedly scroll down and click the, ‘Save As’ button while I am typing.
Often in life we choose to make changes such as, weight loss, standing up for ourselves, saving money or choosing a new direction in our life and unless we hit the ‘save as’ button repeatedly our hard worked changes are erased.  So how do we hit the ‘save as’ button in life?

We have to consciously protect and cherish our changes so that they form new pathways in our brain, just like walking a pathway.

We have heard it takes 21 days to create a new habit.  Actually, that is not based on research.  Research has indicated that the average is 66 days.   Some ways to ensure that our new changes will stick are:

  • to tell a friend about the new endeavor to support you,
  • do it first thing every morning so that you cannot make excuses later in the day (I have to do this and I still flop at times)
  • Include a positive emotion with the action
  • daily journaling, meditation, prayer
  • doing the new behavior everyday at least once, with a smile

Truly taking a small step daily, before we feel motivated to take any action will lead to being motivated and then it will become the well worn path.

What is it that you want to create now in your life?    How can I support you in this endeavor? Please let me know below it is the beginning of something awesome in your life!

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