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Patriotic Popsicles

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Have  you made popsicles for you kids, grandkids and you tried them and they were really hard, sort of like biting into a frozen rock?  I’ve had that experience too.  Now, I know you can add a bit of alcohol and that will keep them from freezing so hard,  but obviously that is not going to work for little kids.

That’s about it, your ingredients, what is in that jar?

So research and testing and more testing is what I have been doing to give you popsicles that don’t break your teeth and something that can work for all age groups.

Ta da!  Let me introduce you to guar gum.

See? It’s Guar Gum the magic for awesome popsicles!

I’m sure you have seen it listed in all sorts of ingredients. What is it?  It is made by milling the seeds of legumes or grains. It is natural.  And what does it do?

  •   It is used to stabilize and thicken products like coconut or almond milk, yogurts
  • it is used frequently in gluten free baking to give that chew factor that you would get with regular bread consistency.
  •  It is used meal replacement or weight loss supplements because it absorbs water and so they think it makes you feel full.
  • Its also used in non food items for stabilizing hand creams, etc.

    Raspberry layer is in

You only need a small amount of it for what we are making.    It prevents the popsicles from being rock hard.  Where to get it?  I got mine in a bin at one of my favorite grocery stores, Winco.   Whole Foods probably carries it and anywhere there are a lot of gluten free flours. Bob’s Red Mill brand carries it.   And of course Amazon prime has it and you can get it here too!

Yogurt layer is in and now adding guar gum to blueberry layer


You can choose flavors for 4th of July, like I did, but any combination will work out great.  Organic frozen berries make these come together quick since the berries are already cold.

Final blueberry layer- now for popsicle sticks and into the freezer!

These popsicles are so good, very little sweetener a great summer treat for sure.  You may want them for breakfast after all fruit and yogurt!  I used non-dairy coconut yogurt vanilla flavored.   I would suggest you use this type of yogurt or use coconut milk because the ice crystals tend to be smaller when using coconut milk product versus regular yogurt or cream in popsicles.  Need popsicle set? This one is similar to the one that I have.

Dimitri is so excited to eat the popsicles!

Raspberries and blueberries was a big hit with my grandson Dimitri, ok a big hit with me too! He was so excited to try them-can you tell?    Strawberries would be yummy too.  And to make it easy, I used my Ninja blender. What I love about his blender is that it is powerful workhorse and it has individual blender cups so that I can blend my morning smoothie or these popsicles in a small container.  When I blend my smoothie then I can drink it out of the blender cup, one less container to wash!

Mimi, I love them!

Because guar gum helps to gel food it is wonderful with any popsicles that you are doing different layers.  In between the layers put the popsicles in the freezer for about 10 minutes.  Just enough to jell so the next layer won’t seep down.  You want to be sure and not freeze for too long because you won’t be putting in the popsicle sticks until final layer is poured in the molds.

Then freeze for at least six hours and enjoy!   Now that you know the secret ingredient you can create all kinds of popsicles!

Can I have another one?

What are your favorite popsicles?

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