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Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Is it hot yet where you are at?  It has leaped into the hot season, so this recipe is for those hot days when you want a coffee brew but not hot.  Cold brew coffee is awesome and so easy.  What are the advantages of cold brew than hot coffee, besides being chilled?

canning jar filled with cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

  • minimal acidity compared to hot-brewed ( 67% percent yea! that’s huge!)
  • due to less acidity it is better for your pearly white teeth and your tender stomach
  • cold brew tends to taste naturally sweet due to the low acidity- so you tend to not add much sweetener- also good for your body!

    1st step to strain cold brew

Now, here are some fun brew combinations that you might not have thought about but you will want to try right now!

And alittle extra hint?  After you have cold brewed your concentrate, freeze some in ice cube trays ahhh now that is really fun!

glass with coffee filter on top held with a rubberband coffee draining into the glass.

Final step to strain cold brew- using a rubberband makes sure it doesn’t fall into the cold brew

Optional sweeteners for these recipes include:  cassava syrup its natural and good for us, simple syrup (1/2 cup sugar (white or coconut sugar+ 1/2 cup very hot water stir until dissolved -keep in refrigerator and use bit as needed); agave nectar,  or monkfruit sweetener, a great option.

For the Milk– use your favorite non-dairy milk.

  1.  Original Cold Brew  easy overnight success -see below recipe.
  2.  Salted Caramel Affogato


goblet with caramel ice cream and cold brew coffee with sugar on rim of goblet

ahhh Salted Caramel Afagatto                                                

3.  Espresso my Jello

  •   1 pkg unflavored (vegan) or Knox gelatin,+ 1/2 cup cold brew;  1/4 hot water+ optional 1/4 cup Kahlua 🙂     Instructions: sprinkle gelatin into 1/2 cup cold brew- stir well- let sit for 1 minute; add 1/4 cup very hot water – stir well; add optional Kalua;  pour in small glasses or silicone cupcakes molds (makes 4-5).  Chill until firm  serve with chocolate syrup drizzle and whipped cream.
coffee jello on white plate with whip cream on the jello

Coffee Jello, yum!

  1.  Vanilla Cinnamon
    • -1/2 cold brew + 1/4 cup milk + 1/2 tsp  vanilla extract  1/2 tsp cinnamon; stir well add ice; garnish with cinnamon stick in glass.

      Vanilla Cinnamon brew

  2.  Raspberry Cream Coffee    Remember the homemade raspberry nut milk?
    • 1/3 cup concentrate +1/4-1/3 cup or more raspberry milk + ice and oh   yum!
  3. Banana Lush Smoothie  –
    • 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup milk,+ 1/2 tsp vanilla extract + 1/2 or more cup concentrated coffee; +6 ice cubes, (+optional scoop pea protein powder) blend in blender and sip!  ahhh!

      Coffee Lush Smoothie

  4.  Happy Hour Bliss-
    • 2 oz Bailey’s Irish cream or Kalua (or both 🙂 ) , 1/2 cup cold brew concentrate + 4-6 ice cubes, blend in blender; garnish with chocolate drizzle on inside of glass.
  5.  Mocha my love-
    • 3 Tbs -chocolate syrup (homemade),1/4 c milk (or 3-4 coconut milk ice cubes)+ 1/2 cup brew concentrate.  (recipe chocolate syrup- 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup sugar (or cassava syrup)+  1/3 cup dutch cocoa powder; pinch kosher salt; +1 teaspoon vanilla)- blend in blender,

      Mocha My Love

  6.   Iced Cafe Suada (Vietnamese Coffee)
    •  4 TBs sweetened condensed milk (or coconut condensed) + 1/2 cup brew +8-10 ice cubes; put all ingredients in cocktail shaker, shake well; pour into tall glass.

10.   Mudslide Magic -1/3 cup cold brew + 1-1/2 ounces Kalua + 1 ounce vodka+  Irish cream liqueur +5-6 ice cubes, blend in blender add chocolate syrup to sides of glass and garnish shaved dark chocolate.

MudSlide Magic

Which of these recipes will you make?

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Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Easy recipe for Cold brew coffee plus recipes to use with your cold brew.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword cold brew coffee recipe, How to make Cold Brew Coffee


  • 2 cups coarse ground coffee
  • 4 cups filtered water


  1. In a large jar or bowl, stir together coffee grounds and cold water.  Cover and let sit at room temperature for up to 12 hours.  

  2. Strain through a fine sieve and then through a coffee filter.  Depending on how strong you like your coffee- mix either equal part water or your choice of milk.  Enjoy!  

    glass with coffee filter on top held with a rubberband coffee draining into the glass.

Recipe Notes

Tip  Don't reuse the coffee grinds to make more cold brew or it will be bitter. 

Also 12 hours is the maximum amount of time more  for soaking the grounds - more than that it may not be as sweet.  


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