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Spring English Muffin

Hi!  I’m so glad you could come over, come on in!

When I need something special and there is not a lot of time, I love making this breakfast as a splurge to start my day or to share with a friend over a cup of tea.

So c’mon over, have a cup of tea, let’s chat about your week, your life, hopes and dreams and while we’re chatting, we’ll say ummm as in yum…hah! This is so good!

It is so easy, no formal recipe is needed, don’t you love that?

Toast an English muffin, I use to make English Muffins, but I haven’t in a long time. I like Thomas brand, the divets (is that what the holes are called?)

3 opened toasted muffin halves

Can you smell the toasted English Muffin?

in the muffins are just right.   Have you made them before?  After the english muffins raise; you don’t bake them like other types of bread.   You carefully scootch the raised rounds of dough onto a skillet or flat griddle and cook each side on a buttered griddle.  Oh yummy!    I used to make them when my sister Phyllis came to visit because she really liked them 🙂

And this is how you open an English Muffin, don’t cut it but gently pull it apart.

opening an english muffin with two hands

This is how you open an English Muffin

‘Today we are just toasting them, then rinsing some fresh berries, taking out Ricotta cheese or Ripple vanilla yogurt

smearing an english muffin with ricotta cheese

ahhh smearing on the ricotta

(plant based), spread cream thick onto the toasted English muffin.  Next a layer of lemon curd or lemon marmalade ( I buy mine at Trader Joe’s)

Lemon layer

and sprinkle on some berries…ahhhh so delicious!   Now a sip of tea and where were we in our conversation… oh yes, you were telling me…..

Spring English Muffin

Have a good rest of your week and when was the last time you had a toasted English muffin?   Enjoy!

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