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What’s She Cooking Now?

Hey there friends,

This was suppose to post on Wednesday for your viewing pleasure but my pics just would not insert so I had to walk away and yipppee! Now it worked!

This is a new series and I plan on doing it on Wednesday’s – it may not be a specific recipe but something new I am trying or learning about and I will share it with you.   Please let me know if you like it or want me to return to a regular recipe post for Wednesday’s ok?

Do you like trying new foods, new ideas out?  At my farmer’s market recently my girlfriends and I stopped by local beekeepers booth.

Bee Pollen

One thing they had was bee pollen.  I never thought much about bee pollen but it is fascinating how healthy it is for you!  It is packed with protein, anti-inflammatory , anti-aging benefits and the list goes on.  Want to taste it?  Here try some!

See the little bee pollen kernels?

Well, I wish I could reach through the internet and share some with you.  It reminds me a bit of sweet tarts – a sweet tart flavor, I understand that different bees from different areas make different tasting pollen.   I have been putting them in my morning protein smoothies.  Tracey one of my friends said when I bought the bee pollen, I wonder what recipe you will come up with using these! Well Tracey, so far I haven’t been too creative with the bee pollen!

I’ve sprinkled it on salad, smoothie and I think they would be good on cereal.  So check it out at your local farmer’s market.

Yummy Protein Smoothie w/ Bee Pollen

What else is cooking?

I saw a recipe for roasting thin lemon slices with broccolini.  Well, I love roasted veggies and especially when I am going to have a busy week.

Roast vegetables, roasted vegetables with lemon

Ready to roast, love the colors! See the lemon slices?

I make a big baking sheet full of chopped in season veggies including garlic, onion, toss them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roast them in the oven at 425 degrees for about 30 minutes until the veggies are either crisp or softened.  This week’s vegetables included organic: broccolini, red and yellow bell peppers, sliced sweet potato and thinly sliced lemon slices!  I know isn’t that cool?   All the veggies become quite sweet when roasted the roasted lemon slices add flavor boost and tartness that is welcome.

Roasted vegetables, roast vegetables, roasted lemon slices

See the roasted lemons? Yum!

During the week, I will eat them cold or warmed with some bite of protein. I will definetly continue to add lemon slices now to my roasted veggies they were delicious!   What are you cooking this week and what have you learned?

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