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Mango French Toast with Mango Syrup

Easy Mango French Toast with Mango Syrup

Do you ever cook while on vacation and find you need to create something out of a little bit of this and that?

Mango French Toast with Mango Syrup

Well, that happened on my recent Puerto Rico trip with girlfriends.  We had rented a condo to make some of our own meals.

Sliced Fresh Sourdough bread

We had bagels, mangos, a bit of cream…so what could I create with that?  hmmmm, Mango French Toast with Mango syrup, of course!  I’m sure that is what you would have made too!

Dipping French toast in mango egg batter

This recipe I did not use bagels but fresh sourdough bread.

Remember to use fresh sourdough french bread not stale bread or you could use challah bread or another type of fresh bread and it is suggested the bread be unsliced so that you can slice your own  in approximately 1-inch slices.

You will notice in the pictures  here that there is definitely more french toast than it would take for 1-2 people.

Mango French Toast

That is because the second time it was made it was for 3 adults and 3 grandsons.  Remember from the Challah French Toast how I grilled the edges of the french toast?  Here it is again on this french toast, it is not necessary, but I think it is a nice touch.

The Mango syrup is very simple and it can be made while the french toast is cooking.

Mango Syrup cooking

The pictures are simple and sometime in the future I will repost with prettier pictures. But I wanted you to have this recipe now in case you wanted to make it for Mother’s Day Brunch.

Grilling the edges of French Toast

I think it would be lovely to add some shredded coconut to the tops of the french toast don’t you?

Please let me know what options you create with this recipe ok?

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