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Welcome! this is my dream and I invite you to share in it. Cooking with whole, natural foods with a bit of wisdom thrown in. 

You will find the recipes are primarily vegetarian, fast, easy, lots of low carb, geared for for our hectic lives with a “dash of wisdom”.  Many of my friends are an “empty nester” like myself.  With that in mind you will notice that the majority of recipes are geared to 1-2 servings.  

  So who am I, besides a really bad singer (but I love to sing), no ability to dance, (and I love to do this too) and an ability to create recipes?  Ok, here goes, I do know how to write a recipe, how to cook and bake, not from formal culinary academy but from years of teaching myself, being patient with myself and willing to try many different recipes. A lot like life, we need to keep showing up even if the results aren’t pretty initially. 

 I started cooking when I was about seven years old.  My dad had a country medical practice my mother was the office nurse.  One day they had just come home for lunch, when my dad was called back to the office for an emergency, that was before emergency rooms.. ok, I know it makes me sound ancient.. anyway I stayed home (it was safe then).  I knew they would be hungry when they got home but I did not know how to cook anything.  I pulled out of the freezer one of my favorite things, frozen petite peas. Since I didn’t know how to use the stove I heated them with hot water from the sink and kept pouring out the water and putting more hot water over the peas till the peas were lukewarm.  Well, when my mother got home I told her that I would have been happy to cook but I didn’t know how to use the stove.  She showed me how to use the dials.  I had to use a little stool (I still use it only the color has changed) to get up to the stove and cook.

By the time I was 10 I was baking cookies and selling them to my neighbors.  I also at this age started making croissants and eclairs that I shared with my friends.  That was the only way I was going to get yummy pastries :)!

Years later I helped with a wonderful Mexican restaurant, Armadillos, in St. Helena California that my former husband, Michael and our chef Tony started.  A couple of years later and many stories later, I opened Magnolia Cafe an adorable little nook of a cafe around the corner from Armadillo’s in St. Helena.  And that is when more people than just my family began to enjoy my cooking. It was open for six years.  I was asked many times for my recipes or when I would do a cookbook.   My sons encouraged me to start a video food blog in 2012.  Finally after thinking, planning, more planning but no action, here it is!  

 As I write this tears are in my eyes, finally to take action on this little dream is more than I can describe. I really want to hear from all of you, what is your dream?   Please check out the recipes, I have made every single one of them, that I can guarantee, and a lot of the recipes many many times!   

Here it is serving up your, ‘Dash of Wisdom’. 

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